Never stop questioning

For me, living according to what others have told me and what I have been taught without question, is like living somebody else's life. It's like watching a movie except I'm the main actor, acting according to a script.

I question what I am told and have been taught, and so should you if you want to live better life. We are all different and what works for you might not work for me.

Start to question why you do things in a certain way. Experiment with different approaches to find out what works for you. Sometimes this will lead you to a solution which all of us use already. Then you will understand why it's done this way.Other times you will come up with the opposite solution and end up doing things in a completely different way. If your solution is better celebrate it. Share you discovery with the world, or just use it to improve your neighbourhood.

Maybe by helping others you will get a reward in return like money, love or fame? Who knows? Give it a try.

Last updated 01.12.2016
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